Belts are one of the key elements when it comes to finish our look. But just as it can give the star the whole touch, they can also make your outfit is one of the most criticized. Correctly choose this accessory can be a complicated task, and it must be done taking into account several things. This article describes some tips for choosing the right belt when dressing occur.

Despite being one of the most common accessories in the masculine look, there are many who pay little attention. The fact of being little, do not mean that it is a key element when it comes to putting the finishing touches to the set to be dressed. So, some tips to be taken into account when choosing this accessory are first to bet on quality materials depending on the power of our pocket.

If we use a leather belt, shoes must be of the same material. As for color, our maximum reference are shoes; but we must not crack their heads when it comes to caring tones between the pairing of shoes and belt are similar, the colors may vary. Although it is best to use lighter shades on the belt and darker for shoes.

The texture is not necessary to be the same, if we use a braided belt shoes need not to be. Another important detail to note is that both accessories (shoes and belt) should highlight for the rest of the garments. If you have crossed your head combine black and brown colors, and you can erase it from your mind, looking primary colors like red or yellow tones stop black shoes; and a brown shoe commitment to green, blue or orange.

Finally referring to the number of holes containing said accessory. Coincidentally all belts have five, the intention is fasten in the middle to make two on each side. Ideally, the garment fits snugly to the body and not too loose. Even so, after these tips and you can begin to experience and create the most original combinations.