Since its origins, Argentina craft was designed to meet the needs of everyday life or in addition to the rituals. No utensils were manufactured for sale even if they were used as currency, barter, something that is usually happening today.

The pre-Columbian legacy has been passed and evolve in different ways in each region. How to work the wood carving it, to use wicker or reeds in basketry, clay work in ceramic or clay or glass grinding and polishing has been transcending generations.

Role of great tradition in their work and have the soguería transmission, which is based on the careful selection and subsequent work rawhide feedstock. Auctions, bracelets and bolas are exquisitely made with the result of the painstaking process of preparing this leather. Great knives are made of this element in combination with nickel, silver and leather tanning and properly.

The leather from the skin of goats, sheep, cows or horses, for once the tanning process, is a raw material very present in many of the typical Argentine gifts. The leather around the gauchos, the horse and rider, offers from boots, belts, knives cover mounts, accessories and embellishments own animal. We can also find plenty of articles and accessories made by hand like wallets, belts, bracelets, bags or clothing made all in leather.

These leather works are generally accompanied with jewelry of silver or alpaca, not only as purely decorative or additional information, tools and are also craft, so we find yoke is easy, spurs, buckles and a host of products made with these hand crafted materials.